Ram Reddy

Ram Reddy

Board of Directors

Ram K. Reddy is a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur with extensive experience in business research and strategy consulting. Ram’s business operations and investments currently employ over 900 professionals worldwide.

Ram is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (GIA), a 26-year globally recognized publisher of off-the-shelf market research. Ram has extensive experience advising companies on business strategy. GIA currently serves over 9400 companies worldwide, including over 86% of Fortune 500. Annually, GIA publishes more than 1300 large Global Strategic Business Reports covering 180 key industries worldwide. Over the past two decades, GIA has emerged as one amongst the world’s largest publishers in terms of topics covered, geographic analyses, companies profiled, and original content published. His clients include large and small companies such as major manufacturers and leading business service providers, investment banks, management consultants, venture capitalists, investment research firms, and equity management firms and early stage start-ups worldwide. He actively develops new research methodologies, techniques and algorithms.

Ram is an active investor in technology startups. Ram is a partner in eight VC/Angel funds.


  1. Clearstone Venture Partners (www.clearstone.com) – A top tier American venture capital firm
  2. Jungle Ventures (www.jungle-ventures.com) Cross-border pan Asia fund based in Singapore
  3. Inventus Capital (www.inventuscap.com) – An India-centric fund based in Maritius
  4. Monta Vista Capital – A Silicon Valley based venture fund
  5. TiE Launch Pad (www.tielaunchpad.com) – A TiE Silicon Valley curated technology incubator
  6. RKG Ventures (www.gorkg.com) – A Silicon Valley private equity fund focused
  7. The Hive (www.hivedata.com) – A Silicon Valley Big Data incubator
  8. The Fabric (www.thefabricnet.com) A Silicon Valley SDN/SDI incubator


In addition to being a partner in the above funds, Ram is a prolific investor in early-to-mid stage technology startups. His current portfolio includes 23 active companies. Some are very early stage stealth mode start-ups that can’t be identified. He serves on the boards of a few such startups. Some of his current investment portfolio –

  1. InMage Systems, Inc. (www.inmage.com)- Silicon Valley (disaster recovery and data security)
  2. Glassbeam, Inc. (www.glassbeam.com) – Silicon Valley (machine data analytics)
  3. July Systems Inc. (www.julysystems.com) Silicon Valley (Mobile web applications)
  4. Cognilytics, Inc. (www.cognilytics.com) – Silicon Valley (big data and predictive analytics)
  5. Sheraton of Pleasanton, California – Partner
  6. PubNub, Inc. (www.pubnub.com) – Silicon Valley (multi-channel web data push technologies)
  7. Formurex, Inc. (www.formurex.com) – California based (pharmaceutical CRO)
  8. Intent, Inc. (www.intent.com) – Southern California (social wellness portal)
  9. Neustep, Inc. (www.neustep.com) –Chicago based (digital imaging technologies)
  10. SpotZot, Inc. (www.spotzot.com) – Silicon Valley (location-based mobile shopping)
  11. Shop Socially, Inc. (www.shopsocially.com) – Silicon Valley (social commerce for retainers)
  12. PowWow, Inc. (www.powwow.com) –Silicon Valley (enterprise applications to mobile)
  13. Buzzintown (www.buzzintown.com) – A social portal – Major metro-centric
  14. Maverix Biomics, Inc. (www.maverixbio.com) – Silicon Valley (genomic data analytics)
  15. Sumazi, Inc. (www.sumazi.com) – San Francisco (social networking& enterprise solutions)
  16. AlephCloud, Inc. (www.alephcloud.com) –Silicon Valley (cloud security technologies)
  17. Punchh, Inc. (www.punchh.com) – Silicon Valley (POS-mobile B2C solutions)



Ram is recognized for his leadership as Chairman of the TiE50 Awards Program (www.tie50.org). This global technology startup competition attracts more than 2000 best-of-breed companies from more than 20 countries worldwide. Ram led this program for the past six years, since its inception. It is acclaimed as one of TiE Silicon Valley’s key branding initiatives within the global technology startup world. Ram is credited for developing the methodologies for screening and judging this competition. He enjoys advising and mentoring companies and entrepreneurs. His 27+ years of experience in publishing strategy reports on more than 1300 product + service markets help immensely in advising companies on go-to-market strategies.



Ram is a strong supporter of many non-profits in India and the United States. He enjoys leading, guiding and supporting non-profits. He is an active supporter of educational and charitable organizations and currently serves on three such non-profit boards. He supports non-religious educational and child care charities. He’s a capital donor to infrastructure projects – University, school and hospital buildings in India and Africa.